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The project is to explain blockchain

While the primary application of blockchain has so far been in the realm of currency development, there is high potential for other applications.

The only thing holding back the decentralized web is the lack of resources currently available to would be users. Our goal is to make it all as simple as possible, so that we can all share in the internet of the future.

Our concern is that if this technology is abused for profit early on, it will be publicly denied for decades to come before adoption becomes widespread.

The point is, we want to provide reliable information across the spectrum:

  • Our whitepages database has been created to help create a status quo in the space, and provide an easy reference point for beginners.

  • You can also search the glossary where we're working to compile accurate and concise definitions to help keep the conversation focused.

  • We're also partnering with a podcast, a video series, and other participating organizations to develop a consensus and ensure accurate information about the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

IFTF Blockchain Explained:

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These articles provide summaries of key information in a simplified format, as well as lists of citations for further reading.

A brief primer on blockchain
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This short document details the primary characteristics of the blockchain technology, and discusses some applications which are currently in development. The overall scope of the blockchain concept is discussed in vocabulary appropriate for beginners.

The current state of smart contracts
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This primer reviews the underlying technology of smart contracts, and provides a number of examples of ongoing applications in the blockchain space.

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